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NTV Interview about Mazima Retirement Plan

As Mazima Retirement Plan is looking to reach out to “Omuntu wa wansi”, we had an interview with NTV to discuss about the challenges that people face or hinder them to save for their retirement or why they choose to save with Mazima. A few of our savers shared their views on the platform.

“Some of the women really are prefer to keep our money close to them (“sente ye kikazi”) in case your husband divorces you or you get into disputes then what next?” -Cecila Eyomu

“Most youths in Uganda save not for long term goals but rather save for immediate or near future reasons for example: people save for televisions, for sofa sets things they can see coming in the next weeks but rather not in the next 20 years”-Mugisha Andrew

“I think people really have a bad saying stuck in their heads “the economy is bad!!”. Well let me tell you the fact, the economy has never been good even at the time of Christ bamubanjako ku musolo. Yes the economy will never be good so if you wait for it to do so am afraid time is passing you by” -Senogga Brian Kimuli

“if you don’t plan for yourself somebody else will plan for you, in this case you have seen scenarios where youths have been used for demonstrations they pay you 5k and you join demonstration because someone else is planning for you”